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Make Yourself at Home

This past Wednesday and Thursday our producers John and Patricia Taft had a full house for two action-packed shooting days.

We had our producers, our director Paul, our cameramen and ADs Leif and Jed, our camera assistant Nick, our Renaissance man Amadeus, our head of wardrobe and makeup Sissy, our location coordinator Kim, and our wonderful cast-- Johnny, Bernie, Sissy, Victoria, Rebecca and Steph.

You read that right! Our very own Sissy O'Hara doubled her duties while portraying the role of Mrs. Goulart on our first shoot day.

Johnny Halloran took on the role of one pesky reporter who visits multiple family members of Black Duck crewmen. You'll have to wait for the finished project to find out exactly what words were exchanged.

For now, enjoy some behind the scenes photos of all the action.

Behind the scenes of a behind the scenes photo being taken by producer Patricia.

Setting up the shot.

Cameraman Leif in front of the camera for a change!

Director Paul giving directions of course!

That crackling fire sure makes for one hot set!

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