Casting for these parts:

The film will have voice-over narrative and will also have a number of key sequences re-enacted. We will begin shooting in June, and will film in stages until the end of this this year. Some of the shooting will be green-screen and some will be on locations in RI, and on boats. 

This is a small production and we all have other jobs - so we will schedule our shoots to fit in with everyone’s schedules and will not require any extended time-block for shooting. We will be paying our talent and will do our best to provide digital footage and images they can use for their reels. 

We expect to have readings and rehearsals with main characters prior to shooting. We are building our own green screen studio and dubbing booth.

We are looking for trained theater actors (non-union) for these primary roles:

Captain Charlie Travers - playing age range 21-26, and we may age him for scenes at age 40 and 50. This is the lead character who will provide most of the voice-over narrative. Charlie joined Coast Guard at age 15 and was a rum runner by the time he was 18. At 21 he became the captain of one of the fastest rum runner boats on the east coast. In 1929, when he was 23, his boat was fired upon by a rogue CG captain and all 3 of his crew were killed, and his thumb was blown off. The government white-washed the incident. After Prohibition he went to jail for operating a still, but got out quickly when he was recruited by the Navy to serve in WWII.

Mildred Sedgewick - playing similar age range. Mildred was a divorced mother with a 10 yr old son and working as a telephone operator when she met Charlie. She likely met him over the phone handling his calls. She became his girlfriend, then business partner and wife. They bought and ran a large seaside farm that was cover for their rum running activities. When they were busted for operating a still, the farm was listed in Mildred’s name and she would have gone to prison - but Charlie took the wrap for her and went to penitentiary so she could go free. 

Vincent - 15-18 year old range. Young man who discovers radio tubes in a dump and builds a short-wave radio over which he is able to monitor CG operations. This is very useful intel for the rum runners.

Gang Lawyer, age 40-50. Former US Attorney who the gang in Boston by defending the rum runners in RI Courts when they get busted.

CG Lawyer - age 30. Interrogates and Represents Charlie in inquiry.

Captain Cornell - playing age 30. A WWI Naval combat veteran who joined the CG so that he could see action in peace time. He was involved in a number of shooting incidents and was known as a rogue operator who had a personal vendetta against the rum runners, that turned out to be deadly.

Pearson and Bennett - early 20’s,  CG gunners. We see them as shooters on boat and then at CG official inquiry as lying witnesses.

John Goulart, Jacob Weissman and Dudley Brandt - playing age range 25-40. Crew members on the rum runner. All grew up together and had served in CG or other maritime work. All gunned down by CG.

Max Fox - Boston gangster. 30-ish. A slick operator. Austrian immigrant.

Officer Van Paulsen - CG senior officer who oversees the inquiry about the shootout.

BILLARD - CG Commanding Officer - hardened military commander who demands law & order.

QUIMBY - local General Store operator and liquor dealer.

Reporters 1 & 2 - dogged investigators who seek the truth.

3 x steamship CAPTAINS. ages 40-60. Seasoned sea captains who bring the steamers and schooners into US loaded with liquor cargo.

6 x cops. Ages 20-50. May have a few lines of dialogue and some action.

RI Judges 1 & 2 - 40-50 yrs.  Generally lets the rum runners go free.

Various bit parts, including Congressman La Guardia, Senator Walsh.

We’d like to get head shots and resume’s via email to start with and then should begin interviews in a few weeks.

We would greatly appreciate it if you would pass this along to any of your actors who you think might be good for this.


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